Specialty Herbal Chewing Tobacco

Our specialty herbal chew and pouches provide a fun alternative to the standard. We include only high-grade, FDA approved, natural ingredients, masterfully blended to produce the same taste, tactile, and energy sensations as nicotine-based chew, but with none of the harmful side-effects.

All our herbal dip is made with FDA approved, food-grade, natural ingredients and are manufactured in a professionally maintained, inspected, and secure facility. Quality, taste, and great customer service are our top priorities. Make the switch!

smokey mountain herbal chewing tobacco
I have made 3 separate orders with Smokey Mountain in the last month or so, customer service has been excellent. Orders are processed promptly and from what I can determine quickly shipped/mailed. And of course the product is really good (in my opinion). It has all been a pleasure.

- Featured Item -
10-Can Mixed Sleeve

Our 10-Can Mixed Sleeve herbal chew is one of our most popular items, no doubt due to the fact that you get to select two flavours in a single sleeve making it the perfect choice for those new to herbal chew and therefore aren’t yet sure what flavours to try, as well as for those who like a variety over the month.

All the great taste, tactile sensations, and energy profile of nicotine-based chew but without any of the harmful side-effects.